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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Managements- Get your act together before layoffs

Forward by Venkat

Managements- Get your act together before layoffs Else Repent in leisure

I thought I will write an article on this issue of layoffs and how Managements could handle it better. After all so many lives could be dependent on one breadwinner of the family, that may be your close friend or your own colleague or your relative. Without doubt, Layoffs cant be avoided because of the disturbing recessionary trends Globally. But what could be avoided is the intense heartburn between the Employer and the laid off employee. What is been happening in the past few months when it comes to layoffs is not right and unethical. and it is in this direction I thought I will contribute something positive in these negative times.

I just read about one IT Firm offering Severance package of Two months salary to the laid off employee..I think it is ridiculous. mostly it is the basic component of the salary they are talking about..and not take-home salary..that would work out to just 50% and altogether Severance package will work out to be only One month takehome salary. Can draw laidoff people mad with their family’s financial commitments..

Ofcourse, Indian IT companies when they got Good Annual profits (as they did in the past 5-10 years) did not share as much as the Employee deserved. But atleast when they are not doing well, they can share those money sacks lying in their Bank coffers. atleast by giving decent severance packages..

To say the least, Severence packages are measly in our country. I am not talking abt any one IT Company in particular, but most Indian IT Firms. Managements have to work on how they can give the best package rather than citing the old employee contracts, Indian market facts, Global recession,performance appraisals and such lame excuses. If you can give decent offers monetarily while these employees where being recruited in truckloads, follow the very same policy during exit too. Give employees what they deserve. Where are the voices from NASSCOMS and CIIs. Are they only for protecting Employer interests ??

Before politicians come knocking on the IT CEO’s doors just like they did as in Jet issue, it is better they understand the situation and give the laidoff employees decent bye-bye packages. Else there are umpteen unions and Violence-happy outfits who are ready to exploit the volatile situation. As a sane person, I dont think we should give such nasty-minded outfits a chance to do that..All is well when it is well..and yes this holds viceversa too. Play your cards right.

Managements, Get your act together before it is too late. Be Professional. Let it be a win-win situation to both managements as well as the pink-slipped employees.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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Never Work For Satyam

Forwarded by Venkat
Please find my real case:

they follow a very stragic way to fire people when ever they want to fire the employees. The most risky company in INDIA. Every month atleast 100 to 500 people are thrown out with a single day notice. Imagine If you dont have a project or doller dipping states ..SATYAM have to close if the dollar becomes 32 however they are try to expand the bussiness in other areas as well very fast to catch up the tasks. They will ask the bank staements of complete tenure starting the day u join the company lets take last five years or 7 years to pull some body out of company if not required for the project saying your BG is RED and please justify. also they check every thing the day u started the employment to some how to catch a person. Satyam fired 560 this month from hyderabad giving BG RED . real genuine experience people also were fired saying BG RED and people are literally suffereing. My sincere suggestion is better find a secured company rather depending purely clients and revenue rather. start serching jobs rather , or you will also be one like me who lost job even after having 5 years of real time. The most unsecure company. before the dollar falls …please get out of the places like

i can say people will learn a lesson for playing with employees

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nokia employee commits suicide due to work pressures in IT

Forwarded by Venkat

Its a shame that Bangalore has the highest number of suicides in the country due to work pressure in IT industry but there is no step taken by government to control the IT industry menance. I can see Ramadoss aping west in implementing Smoking ban but where is the political concern towards one of the most money spinning industry in the country? Why not ape their labour laws and penalties for corporates? Why are not being accounting frauds being done by all these IT companies not under scanner? Why the companies are exempted from paying Income tax and their promoters take 600 Crores in dividents tax free? If our elected representatives cannot answer these questions - let’s change them.

BANGALORE: Two managers, who allegedly led Soni Jagadish (25), a Nokia employee, to suicide, remained untraceable on Monday. Soni’s suicide note held the managers — Teja and Suchin — responsible.

On Friday morning, Soni was found hanging from the ceiling fan in her rented, Jayanagar 9th Block house. She had written suicide notes to her father, mother and brother, and a friend, Venkat. She had also written letters to the police and media, asking them to expose and punish the managers who allegedly harassed her at work.

Soni’s father Jagadish, who works for BSNL in Mysore, was initially reluctant to complain but later approached Tilaknagar police.

The police have charged Teja and Suchin with abetting suicide. But their mobile phones are switched off and the police are not being able to trace them, though they have obtained their addresses from the company. They stay in NR Colony and Domlur respectively.

On Saturday, Nokia in an official statement mentioned that the company will cooperate in the investigation. The police have sealed the cubicle that Soni used in her office. Venkat, Soni’s friend whom she addressed in one of her notes, is yet to give his statement — crucial for investigation — to the police.

Meanwhile, Karnataka Rakshana Vedike protested in front of the Nokia office in Marathahalli. They demanded that the company compensate the bereaved family and take action against its employees who were allegedly harassing Soni.

KRV leader Praveen Shetty said the company had assured them that suitable action would be taken.

Leaders from the Youth Congress committee met additional commissioner M R Pujar and requested him to arrest those responsible for the death.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


CTS removes Subsidies for its Employees!

Forwarded by Venkat

Unconfirmed News:

IT major Cognizant has removed its food subsidy of INR 16 per day per employee. Calculate the total cost saved per annum is INR. 280000000.(16 * 65000 (no. of employees) * 22 * 12 (no of working days) ) Phenomenal!

Is it cost cutting? or like Narayan Murthy said “SW Engg don’t need subsidies!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Wipro asks hundreds of US employees to proceed on leave

Forwarded by Venkat

Wipro Technologies Ltd. has asked hundreds of US employees to proceed on loss of pay leave. Last week Wipro lost two of their biggest BFSI customers, Lehman and Merill Lynch.
Wipro has had a ‘zero bench policy’ in the US since July 2008 and many more hundreds have been transferred back to their base location in India from the US.
The practice of asking people to apply for leave is one form of ‘benching’, where the company does not pay wages for periods during which the employee is not productive for the company.

Next year there will be a big case against Wipro for payment of back wages and this will result in a big settlement worth many millions of dollars and a severe impact on US visa approvals for Wipro in future.
In 2007 Patni settled US back wages claims worth .4 million and you can google that up if you’re interested.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tech Mahindra is going to fail?

Forwarded by Venkat!
Due to its hiring policies that are always hire & fire type and also due to their tire with some of the engineering colleges for placements. tech mahindra(MBT) has lost its status for the IT labour.
recently at an Engineering college in patiala; tech mahindra organised a placement drive for engineering students & other technical students.
but at the registration time it refused to register the visiting students for technical profile & registered them for the BPO interview.

while the students of that college were registered for technical interviews.!
apart from that it fired one of the senior technical consultant because of his learning attitude & he applied for higher studies..
there are a number of issues related to Tech Mahindra.. so i think in present scenario og IT downfall, atleast TECH mahindra is going to fail