Sunday, September 21, 2008

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Tech Mahindra is going to fail?

Forwarded by Venkat!
Due to its hiring policies that are always hire & fire type and also due to their tire with some of the engineering colleges for placements. tech mahindra(MBT) has lost its status for the IT labour.
recently at an Engineering college in patiala; tech mahindra organised a placement drive for engineering students & other technical students.
but at the registration time it refused to register the visiting students for technical profile & registered them for the BPO interview.

while the students of that college were registered for technical interviews.!
apart from that it fired one of the senior technical consultant because of his learning attitude & he applied for higher studies..
there are a number of issues related to Tech Mahindra.. so i think in present scenario og IT downfall, atleast TECH mahindra is going to fail


  1. Hello everybody...

    I totally agree with all the comments placed here in this foram about Tech Mahindra... I have a over 10 years of experience and have been working with this company for past 5 years... AS someone said its hire and fire policy is totaly employee unfriendly. After working for so long with the company and at this time where everyone is facing a global slow down, Tech Mahindra has quitely asked many employees like me(Guess it over 3000)to resign and find better options for themselfs, with out any strong reason...
    Guys better watch out before your fall into the trap and join this company, join and leave the company at the best time thats what I would suggest...

  2. Hi All,

    The comments given about TechMahindra is totally wrong. TechM asked some peoples leave the company bcoz of the poor appraisal rating. This activity is happening every appraisal year not only now.