Friday, March 20, 2009

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Five great products IBM would get by buying Sun

Courtesy: computerworld
1. VirtualBox. Sun acquired German-based Innotek in 2008. This is a really innovative desktop virtualization product that despite having more than four million downloads needs more visibility.

2. Q-layer. Sun acquired this company in January. The company, based in Belgium, manages and automates deployment of public and private clouds.

3. MySQL. We all know the Swedes make great companies. MySQL is a next gen database company who will find a welcome home at IBM which loves all things database.

4.Neogent. Sun acquired this identity management company in 2006. This company was really an identity management database building tool. This is increasingly important as database security systems get built, combined and must remain secure themselves.

5. Kealia. I saved the best for last. Andy Bechtolsheim was a Sun Micrososystems founder. He also is about the smartest guy around in networks (He essentially built Cisco's Catalyst 4000 family). While IBM has been moving away from hardware, Andy could be the catalyst for the next gen unified storage,computing, network platform.


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