Monday, April 27, 2009

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U.S. talent firm to develop global workforce in India

U.S.-based talent management firm Global Crosswalk Inc (GCI), co-founded by two Indian expatriates, has set shop in India's IT hub to help companies develop global workforce for providing value-added/knowledge-based services.

"We offer niche solutions in cross-cultural strategies, culture competence and expatriate services to Indian and overseas firms operating in a globalised world," GCI co-founder and chief executive Radha Nath told reporters here Friday.

"We cater to corporations conducting business in a global market place, providing services across national boundaries and employing workforce across regions," he added.

GCI co-founder and advisor Naren Balasubramanian said the company was in talks with five-six Indian firms across verticals, including the knowledge sector for client engagements.

"We hope to engage a couple of clients by the second quarter of this fiscal. Even in a downturn, we see opportunities to help organisations develop global workforce, as global way of doing business has become irreversible," Balasubramanian said.

The company plans to provide its service delivery capability in Pune and Chennai over the next 18-24 months.

"We offer a level of sophistication to bride the cultural gap in the workforce, as the global market place transforms to value-added/knowledge based services from commoditised services," Balasubramanian pointed out.

GCI's services are built on synthesis of knowledge spanning anthropology, behaviourial sciences, organisational development and instructional design.

In the US, GCI has client engagements with Detroit regional economic partnership, Asia-Pacific chamber of commerce and Automobile Alley.


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