Friday, April 24, 2009

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No Pay Hike for Wipro Employees this Fiscal

Wipro has announced that it will not be giving its employees any wage hikes this fiscal year. The company also said that it would honor its commitments to fresh graduates it hired last year but on a staggered basis. The students will have to wait longer before being absorbed in the company.

Wipro had issued offer letters to over 7000 students from various universities who have graduated this year.

Pratik Kumar, vice president (human resource) at Wipro said, "We will honor our commitments made to the students last year but it will be on a staggered basics since we don't want them to sit in the bench. We will also have no wage hike during this fiscal."

Since we are not sure how many we can absorb this fiscal, some of the freshers could spill over next fiscal, he said.

Wipro will be going for fresh recruitments only during Jan-Feb of 2010. Kumar also said Wipro would go for lateral hiring depending on business generation.

The company has also made it a policy to approach students only during their last semester unlike earlier when it approached them during the 6th semester.


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