Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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BPO employee accused of insurance fraud

A 30-year-old BPO employee working in Noida has been accused of diverting funds into bank accounts in Britain which he had opened under false names.

According to the police, Edward Burns has been arrested and booked under the 1966 IT Act, as well as for cheating his employer. Burns was an employee of BPO firm EXL Solutions.

He allegedly diverted a whopping £56,900 ($84,550) to bank accounts he was maintaining under false names.

Burns is an Indian citizen, and was working in the insurance process of British insurance company Aviva. He is accused of failing to transfer insurance claim amounts to the actual insurers.

His job, which involved a high level of client confidentiality, was to maintain clients’ data. The detailed list of Aviva’s customers is said to have helped him in tampering with claims and diverting funds illegally. EXL Solutions declined to comment.


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