Saturday, September 20, 2008

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Infospectrum fires 20% of workforce

Forwarded by Venkat
SAP Business One partner Infospectrum has fired upto 20% of its workforce. The company is in kottivakam ecr. Almost all of its Chennai office has been fired by giving a days notice. I worked very hard and yet they have decided to fire me. If it goes like this i think only the company vp Kailasam will remain in his company.

They want to remove delivery guys instead of people who don’t bring in projects.

It is all because of Mr Balachandrasekhar the Sales Head of chennai operations who has not brought in any sales since he joined a year back and does not even know the abc of SAP! somehow he continues to be in the job by sweet talking.

how will we find jobs if they fire us without giving any notice? Stay away from these companies….


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